Ecommerce Advertising System

Advertising System

Cross sell, up sell merchandising campaigns

By using tradeit’s built-in advertising system in combination with the platform's promotion engine, online retailers can effectively communicate / merchandise their offers across their online store(s).

Red’s advertising system gives marketers the control and freedom to communicate new and or relevant products and promotions to their customers throughout their shopping experience. Create engaging product displays, add relevant up-sells and cross-sells and combine them with compelling promotions, offers and discounts.

Advertising System Features

  • Populate advertising zones across your ecommerce store, exposing customers to promotional messaging, up-sells & cross-sells throughout their onsite journey.
  • Improve your conversion rates & customer loyalty.
  • Leverage your content assets, filling your adverts with product data, images, flash and video.
  • Control which adverts appear within which advertising zones within which pages.
  • Track customers arriving on site from specific URLs. These could be PPC, affiliate, social media or online channels.
  • Multichannel retailers can set up adverts to display on specific domains / channels.
  • Choose from four content types for your adverts; HTML content, redirect to URL, product list and recommended products. Product list content type is manually selected by the merchant, but the recommended products content type will display a list to the customer based on rules configured by the merchant.
  • Choose to display adverts either within a page template or as a pop-up.
  • Manage multiple translations for your adverts, displaying ads with the right content (language & currency) to the right visitors.
  • Use the advertising system to create ads that publicise your promotions.
  • Configure individual adverts to only display for specific customers, customer groups & anonymous customers.
  • Match customers to adverts based on their geographic location (billing address, shipping address or country).
  • Click through reporting for adverts and results can be used to profile customers and create new customer groups.
  • Configure adverts to appear based on certain conditions such as only when specific items are added to the basket, or when conditions of an offer are valid.

Creating and configuring adverts

Leverage content assets from across your business and populate advert zones with any type of content including products, images, videos, flash objects and HTML. Configure which adverts appear in which advertising zones within which templates. The advertising system can also be used to manage paid advertising placements across your website(s).

Display Locations

Define which content pages, category pages, product pages and system pages the advert should be displayed on.

Advertising Zones

Adverts can be configured to display on a page within areas known as advertising zones. These zones can be integrated into any webpage template.

Flexible advertising display conditions

Merchants can configure adverts to display either as pop-ups triggered by a specific action or be setup to display within a template.

Scheduling of adverts

Schedule adverts to display on site and disappear automatically using the time and date selectors, helping you to plan and automate merchandising and promotional activity.

Personalisation and targeting

Define customer marketing groups, selecting specific customers to target with adverts based on their grouping and/or location. Customer marketing groups can be created on the fly using a number of sources of information including abandoned baskets & promotions.

On-site search driven merchandising

Display adverts based on what a customer has searched for using the on-site search. A match based on keywords searched will then display adverts relevant to the customer’s search phrase within the search results template.

Incorporating promotions within adverts

Ecommerce enabled sites can link adverts in with the promotions engine, presenting personalised discounts and offers. Read more about our Red’s ecommerce promotions engine.

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