Delia Online - CMS case study

Delia goes exclusively online with the launch of educational cookery school using the tradeit CMS platform

After 40 years gracing our TV screens, Britain's leading cookery writer, Delia Smith, has decided that her future will be exclusively online. Choosing Red Technology and its tradeit content management system, Delia Online is now an educational, online portal for all things cookery. The updated site includes the new Delia Cookery School, which features hundreds of video demonstrations of tips and techniques, a huge community area where members can share and review recipes, and over 1400 of delia's own, tried and trusted, recipes.

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Online community of cooks

The tradeit CMS has given the Delia Online team a chance to build a real online community with a great deal more control and flexibility in creating and designing their web pages in-house. It has helped them manage the commmunity area of the website, meaning they can administer forums, add videos and build the recipe areas to cater for the ever-growing number of members.

Creating a rich user experience

In addition, the tradeit CMS allows the team to have absolute control over the user communications, to tailor and update automated response emails such as requests for password reminders, forum notifications etc... As a result, they are able to be more responsive to their user's needs and requests much more quickly than previously.

The strong content management system allows the Delia Online team to plan web campaigns in advance by scheduling home page content to appear on the website in line with seasonal plans the team may have set up.

"The end result seems to work really well given the content load which it must be serving as the hub of Delia's Online Cookery School. Having retired from TV, Delia was thrilled to have more video traffic in a week than in three and a half years on the BBC YouTube channel. She is delighted with the result."

Project Highlights

  • Central hub for Delia's new Online Cookery School video series.
  • Huge community with built in blogs, forums and recipes and over 500,000 active users.
  • Feature-rich CMS allowing complete in-house control.
  • Easy search and navigation aiding users to find what they are looking for.

"Whilst we were nervous about the short time scale, your team were so easy to deal with and were very calm and professional."

Managing Director,
Delia Online